Must-Have Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics in 2020

Remember the times when we listened to advertisements on radios and watched creatives on televisions. Yeah, we don’t do that now.

Digital marketing is the modern way of creating a buzz about products and services among the customers. Businesses, let it be huge enterprises or budding startups are now focusing on using digital marketing strategies to reach elevated heights.

So what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is an action plan that will help you to achieve your business-centric goals. You can use it:

• To compete in the global arena

• To reach your target audience

• To enrich customer satisfaction level

• To increase user engagement

• To build a timeless brand reputation

• To generate leads and drive sales

There are many digital marketing strategies, but before selecting any of them you should:

• Know your brand completely.

• Decide your goals in a SMART manner; i.e.

  • • S-Specific
  • • M-Measurable
  • • A-Achievable
  • • R-Realistic
  • • T-Timely

• Set your budget.

Here are some must-have digital marketing strategies that will provide you efficient results in less time if implemented properly.

1. Developing Responsive Website:

The most essential asset of any business is its website. Hence, keeping it abreast with the latest functionalities and trends is rudimental. Currently, the most important aspect that defines the quality of a website is its responsiveness.

As per research, more than 40% of the users switch to another website if the design is not responsive.

RWD (responsive web design) dynamically adjusts the layout of the website according to the size of the device without hampering any functionality. Not investing in a responsive website might be the biggest mistake that you can make as it can result in a decrease of leads or sales due to the shoddy user experience.

On the contrary, investing in a responsive website leaves an ever-lasting impact on your business as it unlocks the following features:

Readable Text: Users will not have to struggle with the content on your webpages because RWD has readable text as its in-built high lightened feature.

Adequate Spaces or Tabs: Users will envision a great display as the tabs and spaces are placed according to the size of the screen.

Scrolling: Horizontal scrolling is eliminated and all you will need is a vertical scroll.

Easy Navigation: One can easily navigate throughout the website.

Less loading time: Responsive websites are swift and hence load faster than their counterparts.

Lower Maintenance: A properly invested responsive website will work effectively for a long period with low maintenance costs.

A responsive website gives an astounding breakthrough experience to the user by giving them an envision display of your website.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

To rank your website on search engine result pages (SERPs), the initial step is to make your website SEO friendly. SEO is a strategy that refers to the set of guidelines for a website that must be incorporated to acknowledge the ranking algorithms of search engines.

Additionally, SEO strategy drives traffic of quality users in a huge quantity.

SEO is categorized into two types:

On-Page SEO:

This module of SEO refers to the overall design of your webpages and content optimization. Its major factors are:

a) Title: It is the first and most important factor to rank your webpages on a search engine. The title should be optimized because it informs the search crawlers and your audience about your webpage. You can optimize your title:

• By making it unique, short but descriptive. The title for your webpage should be less than 60 characters as it needs to be easily identified by Google as a search title.

• By adding your targeted keywords in titles of the webpage.

• By describing the crux of the webpage under 200 characters in Meta tags. The content written in the Meta description should be eye-catching and must tempt the searcher to click on your webpage link.

• By adding superior and other power words like How, tutorials, Top, etc.

b) Images: Images must be added to the webpages to give a unique experience to the visitors and help them understand your perspective easily.

• As web crawlers do not understand the images, they rank these images on the basis of description. Hence, the Alt tag must be added describing the image.

• Names of images should be relevant to the image content.

• Uploaded images should be of small size so that they load faster and keeps a balance between the content and its displayed presentation.

c) Heading: You can use the H1 heading tag once on a webpage. H2 and H3 sub-headings can be used as per your content structure.

• The heading is the crust of your content and must be concise. However, the one-word heading should be avoided at all cost.

• The hierarchy of headings should be maintained for keeping content in an organized manner.

• Heading H1 and title of the page can be same. (Not mandatory)

d) Keywords: They should be included in your webpages so that they can help you to boost your SERP ranking. Longtails keywords are more effective and should be used in your content, descriptions, titles, etc. You can also find target keywords relevant to your content via these sections of Goggle:

• Google automatic suggest

• People also ask

• Suggested Searches

Off-Page SEO: This module of SEO refers to the efforts that are made to boost the visibility of your webpages by promoting them on other portals. It is the most important pillar of any online business. You need to build backlinks from external domains because they will help your business to reach more people.

For a better off-page SEO you can use the following strategies:

Guest Posting or Blogging: This approach requires you to reach other web portals where you can publish your blogs and articles to connect with an audience similar to your buyers’ persona. Most guest posting websites will provide you a backlink, which will redirect the visitors of the portal to your website or profile.

Image/Video Submission: Submitting the images and videos on the image/video sharing websites will drive a large number of viewers on your website.

Social Bookmarking: You can bookmark your webpages on bookmarking websites to boost your traffic.

Directory Submission: To make your business more visible to your clients you can submit your business website to the Directories. There are many directories that allow you to submit your website and after submitting they will review it in their listing. This listing helps the user to find their best suitable fit as per their requirement.

The On-page and off-Page SEO techniques will help to make your brand visible online around your potential clients.

Additionally, when users visit your website, they should stay and follow through your conversion funnel. This is possible through Conversion rate optimization Techniques.

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3. SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Hard-sell marketing requires the personal credentials of the audience. However, it is extremely difficult to obtain phone numbers and emails of your target audience.

To get rid of this problem, social media marketing plays a major role in promoting your business to your audience without the need for their personal details. For using this strategy you should have social media accounts. As all the audience are active on social media sites you will be able to easily target your potential clientele.

By updating the status, posts, stories on a regular basis you will grab the attention of your audience. This tactic is very effective as it makes your audience visit your website at least once.

There are many social media sites on which you must have your business presence such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Remaining updated with the trends helps you understand the versatile demands of your audience. The audience in return will also come to know about your products and services.

4. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the focal point around which other marketing strategies revolve.

In general, it is the process of finding and reaching out to relevant web portals with strong DA and publishing creative blogs infused with the source, images, videos, and other tags. No doubt, the quality of content plays a crucial role in this.

Content is the GPS of your website which guides the users. So, the content on the website should be relevant to your brand. Easy navigation with appropriate CTA drives the lead into sales easily.

It is one of the most creative strategies which is used to promote your business worldwide that further improves the visibility of your brand. One can also publish its guest blogs or articles with informative quality content to other open web portals. Doing this will empower you to improve your brand awareness and visibility.

Client engagement depends directly on this strategy. The content shared such as Proposals, SOW(statement of work), RFP(Request for Proposal), etc. acts as a communication medium and helps in the conversion of potential leads into clients.

5. E-Mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing strategy is the most effective way of driving direct traffic on your website.

Nowadays everyone have their personal e-mail ids. By gathering and using these e-mails you can directly reach your customers and engage with them in two-way communication. Some of the characteristics of e-mail marketing are:

Professional: It is the most professional way of communicating with the readers.

Descriptive in nature: Gives every minor detail from product launching to product delivery. A user can track the current status of the product or services.

Interactive: It is proved as the most interactive and personal way of communicating with the targeted audience.

Measurable: It is one of the measurable strategies which will easily measure mails that were bounced or opened. It can also be used to measure the CTR and subscribers to the mail list.

Cost-effective: as compared to other ways of advertising or promoting a business on T.V., Radio, Newspaper, etc. You can organically reach to your targeted audience throughout the globe.

E-mail marketing gives an exact measurable result by filtering the actually interested leads across the globe. There is a huge role of e-mail marketing in as it gains a lot of visibility in the business world.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

In simple words, it refers to promoting the product of other companies and driving sales as much as possible to their website.

If you have no such capital to start a business, then affiliate marketing is the golden opportunity to go along with.

It’s something like doing business in someone else’s business.

From the perspective of a business, there are many benefits such as

• To sell your product or services as more as possible

• To create brand awareness among the community

• To make your brand visibility faster

This can be achieved by launching the affiliate program for your company or brand.

From the context of an affiliate marketer, there are some financial incentives offered per sale of the product that’s called commission. However, all you need to do is to follow the following steps:

1. Register in high paying affiliate programs from a company of your choice, by creating a detail panel.

2. By sharing or promoting the links, text ads or banner ads for the company you have registered as an affiliate on your website, blogs, videos, or on any social media networks.

3. When the customer who gets interested in the product promoted, clicks the link or ad.

4. The customer will redirect to the brands' website and a tracking line gets activated.

5. Customer if makes any purchase then it will get recorded in the affiliate network ledger along with his/her transaction details and gets confirmed.

6. The transaction is credited with you and the commission gets paid to you.

You should select the product on the reviews given so, the product you are promoting should have some value.

7. Influencer Marketing:

It is one of the most trending techniques but sometimes also acts as a rattrap. This is the only fastest way to build trust and increase sales if implemented carefully with the right influencer who belongs to your niche.

The influencers should have a trust-built image among its followers so that if they promote your business correctly.

As per human tendency, before making a purchase the person will go through all the reviews of the product not only in the comment section but also on Google and social sites.

8. Ad Campaign:

It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategy, which drives quality traffic enormously. However, this is a paid strategy that needs to invest an ample amount of money for being effective. And in a very less period of time, you can see the impact.

The ad campaign is effective for almost every sector of the globe.

An advertisement campaign is a continuous series of advertising messages, which will display among the different social media platforms for the specified time slot.

Before deciding to execute an ad campaign on any of social media platform, make sure to primarily focus on these following factors:

• Identify the problem by gathering the information.

• Set an appropriation budget

• Collect your Target audience

• Select the media

• Finalize the advertisement message

• Execute the Campaign

• Test the effect on the sales

Ad Campaign helps your business in many ways such as:

• To promote the business

• To engage the user to a great extent

• To converts the visitors into leads/potential client

• To establish online credibility among different platforms

Additionally, if you create a successful Ad Campaign, you’ll be able to create goodwill and trust among your customers and hence you can expect them to be your long-lasting followers.

Bottom Line:

By utilizing the astounding functionalities of digital marketing strategies, you can rapidly make your brand a celebrated name among renowned enterprises. However, there isn’t any single strategy that can help you reach the zenith of success. You’ll have to amalgamate all these techniques and use them collectively. This will help you attract customers from different platforms and subsequently accomplish your business objectives.

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