Top 5 Reasons Why Node.Js Is the Best Framework to Build an E-commerce Marketplace

The world is transforming into a digitally connected nexus where everything is made available at your fingertips. Innovative enterprises have duly leveraged emerging trends to improve their business potential and secure higher ROI. The growth of the eCommerce sector is one of the biggest examples of how the unison of trends and technology can create a multi-trillion-dollar industry within a few years.

The increasing accessibility of the internet around the world has created an unprecedented rise in the eCommerce business. The trends have largely shifted in the favour of online stores, thereby compelling traditional retail businesses to either migrate or upgrade to the eCommerce space. An eCommerce platform not only brings easy accessibility but plenty of products and services as well. By all means, online shopping is extremely beneficial for end-customers. But is it equally rewarding to your business as well?

Statistically, nearly 22% of all the shops in the world serve their customers via an efficient eCommerce channel. Also, if all the variables fall in place, eCommerce sales would cross the USD 5 trillion mark by 2021. These facts pretty much clear the picture about the opportunities and the kind of potential that the eCommerce industry carries within. Our development teams at Biz4Group are well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver efficient eCommerce platform within 4 - 6 weeks. Using the latest technology stacks like MERN, we ensure that your eCommerce store application gets you the desired competitive lead in the market.

Which platform to choose for your eCommerce platform?

Choosing the right platform for your eCommerce store is probably the most critical decision you need to make as a business owner. Of course, there are a lot of online solutions like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce that can help you create a working eCommerce store within a few hours. But does that mean they are the best choice for your business? Our developers at Biz4group use the latest MERN stack to ensure your eCommerce platform sports a robust and reliable architecture. While online solutions offer you a simplified interface to create a minimalistic online store, opting for Node.js based custom development is the best choice for developing an eCommerce business platform.

Why Node.Js Is the Best Framework to Build an E-commerce Marketplace

On a global scale, more than 69.8% of eCommerce developers use JavaScript-based frameworks like Node.js because of their faster development cycles and minimal development cost.

Node.js is not a programming language as most people believe. It is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment compatible with cross-platform development. Based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is compatible with virtually every platform be it Mac OS X, UNIX, Windows, or Linux. It works on an event-driven non-blocking I/O model that allows you to use Node.js to write both server-side and client-side applications.

The reason why Node.js is so applicative for eCommerce development is its cross-platform compatibility and its ability to scale on-demand. Node.js based eCommerce applications boast up to 10X speed with faster page loading and as low as 0.01% downtime.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Node.js for your eCommerce marketplace

Node.js has been the preferred choice for critical applications dealing with multiple I/O at the same time. Popular data streaming, chat, and real-time collaboration apps are mostly built using Node.js and even eCommerce developers consider it better than CMS software.


Node.js is based on non-blocking I/O systems that inherently support multiple query handling simultaneously. It is especially very useful for an eCommerce store as it calls for numerous operations being executed at the same time. The V8 Javascript Engine at the backend delivers amazingly fast performance when it comes to code interpretation.


eCommerce business is accustomed to growth and dynamic upgrades. Once your online store starts to get thousands of queries and countless transactions flow in, you would apparently need to scale up the infrastructure. With Node.js you can rest assured about scalability & extensibility. With our wide-ranging expertise in eCommerce development, we can rationally say that it is the best choice for custom eCommerce store applications.

Npm package manager

To further simplify the development process, Node.js comes with npm package manager which carries loads of ready-to-use plugins and packages for your online business store application. Developers do not need to write every bit of the code from scratch, instead, they can just import the required module from npm package manager. This not just improves the integrity of the code but also decreases time-to-market by a significant margin.

One Language for both Back-and-Front end

Node.js is a JavaScript-based runtime environment that supports a number of isomorphic frameworks like React.js. This means both front and back end codes can be written in the same language. This not just streamlines the development process, but also delivers better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), performance, and code maintainability.

Resource availability and Community support

For a popular framework like Node.js, it is par for the course that an active community of expert developers backs it across the globe. Node.js is undeniably very well-documented, regularly updated around industry trends, and entails huge community support. All of these features make the development process quick and efficient. At Biz4Group we have a database of readily deployable solutions, plugins, and modules that speed up the development process by several notches. With so many developers contributing to the Node.js and JavaScript community, it becomes really easy to bring down the overall development time and cost.

To sum up

Node.js is increasingly gaining traction in the area of eCommerce development with advantages like decreased parsing time, code reusability, low cost, and speedier performance. Biz4Group leverages the benefits of the latest technology stack like MERN to develop outstanding and scalable eCommerce platforms. You can get your business store ready within 4-6 weeks with improved functionalities and up to 10x performance edge over competitors.

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