Why Choose MERN Over Shopify For eCommerce Store?

The eCommerce market domain has seen unprecedented growth, especially in the last decade. Today, people are more inclined towards buying things online at the comfort of their homes and leverage the additional perks which come attached to this innovative marketplace.

Studies show that customers are far happier while purchasing things online when compared to conventional brick and mortar stores. This trend can easily be justified by the fact that there are myriad of online shopping stores where customers can literally get any product they wish for. This market opportunity can further become more profitable by coupling it with all the current technologies. Biz4Group is a reputed eCommerce solution provider with a team of seasoned developers. We make sure that your business platform draws maximum efficiency when it comes to market dominance and customer experience.

Having a strong online presence becomes critical for a successful eCommerce venture. No matter how unique and efficient a business performs physically if the online store fails to impress the customers it cannot stay up the charts for long. A lot of emerging businesses tend to invest in online shopping platforms to run their eCommerce stores. At first, this approach may seem highly beneficial and quick but in the long run, these platforms fail to support the growth prospects of your business. Having a generous experience in eCommerce development, Biz4Group is your trusted development partner for custom eCommerce solutions. Our team of expert developers brings the best of modern technological trends into bespoke platform development. Your business needs a platform that not just complements the work process but also improve its growth potential.

Shopify or Custom eCommerce development

At first, the eCommerce business may seem highly lucrative and bountiful for modern enterprises but it comes along with a lot of challenges that you need to take care of. The very first step towards setting up an online store is to choose the right platform. Partnering with a custom eCommerce development company can serve your business requirements suitably. However, many enterprises also opt for CMS platforms like Shopify to create and run their online stores. Having a 100% success ratio in delivering custom eCommerce solutions, Biz4Group understands the changing business requirements and therefore delivers eCommerce solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective.

Though Shopify has created a spotlight for itself as a popular online store creator, it still lags behind modern technology stacks like MERN. Here are few shortcomings of Shopify which prove the applicability of MERN Over Shopify For eCommerce development.

Data Migration

One of the major drawbacks of using a CMS like Shopify is that it comes with a set of pre-defined functionalities. In order to improve or add new functionalities, you would always require third-party applications or custom JavaScript. This is called vendor lock-in and is a critical issue with most CMS software, making it extremely difficult to migrate your store to a different platform. But with Biz4Group’s custom eCommerce development abilities adding business functionality, implementing vendor upgrades or technology becomes fairly easy and quick.

Transactional costs

MERN-based eCommerce solutions come with a myriad of integrated functionalities such as payment gateways right out of the box. However, the same is not true for Shopify. There are additional transaction fees for nearly every payment-related functionality, be it a third-party gateway integration or credit card processing fee. Additional functionalities like order tracking or loyalty bonus and promotional coupons can bring added setbacks in terms of the overall pricing.


Customization is the central idea of getting your eCommerce platform developed from a partner like Biz4Group. Our developers make sure you get the most effective and efficient solution for your online marketplace. On the other hand, Shopify has very limited scope for customization. Even for the basic aesthetic changes, one needs to learn Liquid, which is Shopify’s own language for altering the themes. And if you wish to implement advanced features, you got little to none chances of getting it done without a developer that specializes in Shopify.


Scalability is an issue that enterprises face with eCommerce platforms build on CMS software like Shopify and WooCommerce. Most of these solutions are designed to handle an entry-level customer base with limited functionalities. In the long run, when volume and transactions start increasing you would surely need an upgrade that Shopify might not be able to deliver. Functionalities like traffic handling and product management can easily cave in with Shopify but not with custom eCommerce solutions. Moreover, with additional plugins, the performance of your Shopify solution drops further. Design and code related limitations also come around quickly with these solutions. To get off the hook with these issues, brands should partner with experienced eCommerce development firms to ensure long term success.

Poor CMS

Enterprises rely on content marketing strategies to create a good brand value among its customers. These strategies help you improve your social shares and boost organic traffic for a profitable venture. Our custom eCommerce solutions come with a strong content management system to help your eCommerce brand with SEO and SMO strategies. On the other hand, Shopify’s CMS restricts the business owners from sharing creative posts for promotional purposes.


If you wish to have an eCommerce platform that can compete with the likes of industry leaders, opting for MERN-based custom development is the way to go. Biz4Group is your trusted partner for custom eCommerce stores. You not only get complete control of your online store but can also optimize your customer journeys for improved ROI. Online stores developed using the MERN stack are inherently scalable and bring support for unlimited customization and marketing tools.

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