Why Choose MERN Over WooCommerce for eCommerce Store

It is truly said that the long running advancements in the eCommerce domain have completely transformed the enterprise world. Early reports predict that the world retail e-commerce sales would account for nearly 4.2 trillion US dollars in the year 2020. This numbers have skyrocketed, especially when compared to the year 2014, when the industry could only make 1.3 trillion US dollars worldwide.

Ever wondered, what makes this multi-trillion-dollar industry one of the most lucrative investments for your business?

The answer lies in the wide range of market opportunities that eCommerce business brings to the table. Starting from its marketing potential to improving your product portfolio and generating increased sales, a good eCommerce platform is your way to go. Biz4Group is a trusted eCommerce development company with substantial experience and expertise in delivering bespoke solutions for all your online retail business needs.

Why is an eCommerce platform important for your business?

Most of the customer base today has become convenience focused where they no longer wish to take a stroll to a branded store in search of their favourite good. This has further escalated the already competitive nature of this domain, compelling business-owners to keep the wheels turning in order to take the lead. Having an online store helps you connect better with your customer base across the global province. This essentially eliminates the geographical barriers and helps you interact and engage with your customers for higher ROI and a build trusted relationship with your customers.

Business benefits of eCommerce solutions include higher ROI, global outreach, convenient selling, improved branding, scalability, etc. All these and many more perks make eCommerce an integral part of modern businesses. But how and where to get started in eCommerce?

Picking up the right platform for your eCommerce business is characteristically the most important decision you need to make before venturing into this highly potent business domain. For a lot of emerging businesses, WooCommerce comes across as a viable and easy option to build their own eCommerce platform. However, there are lot many aspects that need to be considered before making this crucial choice.

MERN v/s WooCommerce for your eCommerce store

WooCommerce is a freely available WordPress plugin that helps you setup and carry eCommerce business from your WordPress site. It is quite popular among startups and emerging businesses and powers nearly 28.19% of all online stores around the world. However, WooCommerce does carry a handful of issues that can affect the efficiency of your online store.

A major disadvantage of using WooCommerce is that it isn’t a complete platform but a plugin. This means you get limited options to overhaul your online store be it in terms of design or functionality. This could be a serious drawback for your eCommerce business. Additionally, WooCommerce is meant for WordPress sites only. If you wish to start from scratch, you would essentially need a reliable hosting and a domain name along with a WordPress powered website.

On the flip side, MERN-based custom eCommerce solution lets you have complete control of your online store. While popular CMS solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce provide very limited customization, MERN-based eCommerce platforms can be completely configured to suit your business process. Being one of the leading eCommerce development firms, Biz4Group carries a profound experience in developing customized online stores using latest technology stacks like MERN.

As a business owner you can get a complete eCommerce platform, enriched with great UI and functionalities that complement your business process and growth prospects. From on-demand scaling to optimizing the customer journey and automating your business process, you can get the best of unique features with MERN.

Downside of choosing WooCommerce

Learning Curve

Since WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, it comes across as a complicated system to learn especially for people with limited knowledge of WordPress. Elementally, it offers very few features to start with which can be an added trouble in setting up your online store. By partnering with an expert technology partner like Biz4Group, you can get a fully customized eCommerce solution backed with latest and greatest MERN technology.


It is a well-known fact that eCommerce is one of the most challenging businesses out there. While plugins like WooCommerce can help you setup the business store, it leaves a lot of manual work to follow. Starting from web hosting to updating the site security and extensions, you need to manage nearly everything to ensure smooth functioning of the platform.

Speed & Security

Unlike custom developed solutions, WooCommerce majorly relies on 3rd party integrations and add-on programs to stay adept with the business requirements. This could largely hamper the speed of your online store depending on the number and type of integrations used. Also, WooCommerce is a hosted plugin which places most of the power in the hands of the service provider. In case a security breach happens at the host side, your online business store will be left highly vulnerable to data and payment risks.


Being a plugin, WooCommerce is bound to comply by the functionalities of WordPress. It is a major drawback for an eCommerce business as it may not support the growth prospects of your store. When the business starts to grow and a lot of queries flow in, WooCommerce-based solution can easily breakdown. Custom eCommerce solutions backed by a strong technology stack like MERN are inherently capable of handling thousands of requests, thus delivering a seamless experience to your customers.

Long-term Costs

Though WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress websites, it comes with very few functionalities to support your business needs. To actually create a functional eCommerce store with WooCommerce you would need a lot of 3rd party integrations which can be really costly even for basic functionalities. Unlike transparent and reasonable costing in custom development, WooCommerce brings heavy costing for features like automated backups, security scanning, managed hosting, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

In today’s technologically-driven world, eCommerce has emerged as catalyst for business success. A lot of enterprises are stepping into the world of eCommerce to realize its ever-growing potential and profitability. Biz4Group provides advanced eCommerce solutions that are completely customized and best-suited for your business needs. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get in touch with our experts now.

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