Why Node JS is the Ideal Framework for Enterprise App Development

An enterprise application needs to add to the business performance, employee productivity, data confidentiality, security and many other aspects. This article will help you understand one of the best frameworks to develop an enterprise app.

 Node JS is an open-source, cross platform server environment popularly used to develop and deploy custom web apps quickly. Using the methodology of asynchronous programming, Node JS unifies the server-side and client-side scripts in the web app development process. Developers mainly use node JS to write command-line tools that run server-side scripts. Additionally, this server environment uses a non-blocking, data-driven I/O model that adds to its effectiveness, scalability and lightweightedness. 

Since Node JS can run JavaScript codes outside the web browser, it helps produce dynamic web page content before the page reaches the user's web browser. This is one of the main reasons why Node JS is extensively used to build real-time web applications for enterprise apps. This framework is ideal for bridging the gap between frontend and backend development since it consolidates the entire web application development process under a single programming language for server and client-side scripts. Node JS has truly replaced the traditional "request-response-based" model. This framework has empowered mobile app developers to create custom apps that can run across the web and mobile platforms.

Major tech giants like Amazon and PayPal heavily rely on the Node JS environment for their apps and services. Fun Fact: LinkedIn was the first company that used this framework for building the backend of its mobile app. 

Top reasons why Node JS ideal for Enterprise App Development

#1 Scalability and Performance

Node JS is based on Google Chrome's V8 runtime that is written in C++. It can work on multiple operating systems with good speed. Additionally, V8 and Node JS are updated regularly, and hence their performances are always optimized. Plus points since these updates ensure that the relevant security patches are always applied. The  Node JS architecture is single-threaded and event-driven, and it can manage multiple connections simultaneously and effectively.

#2 Node package manager

The Node Package Manager (NPM) allows developers to install and use the already accessible software modules, thereby saving time writing standard characteristics and functionalities from scratch. This increases the developer's productivity owing to the significant tools and modules that the NPM provides to developers. Infact, almost  70% of companies worldwide believe that Node JS increases their developer's productivity.

#3 RESTful APIs that can be Reused

 This is also one of the main reasons why Node JS is one of the best options for enterprise app development. Reusable RESTful APIs can be connected to the backend without becoming development heavy- all due to the fact that they can be reused. Hence, large volumes of data can be easily handled seamlessly, thereby supporting the development of software systems on a large scale.

#4 Data Stream Handling

Node JS ensures that less time is consumed to process an incoming data stream. Developers can modify this stream of transported data even before it reaches the destination. There is also very little memory consumption involved in this process. Additionally, Node JS uses the Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) streams, enabling developers to work with binary data. To handle these long streams of the binary data, Node JS uses the Buffer class. Consider a scenario when the incoming data is higher than the outgoing data. In such a case, Node JS applies "Buffers" as the stream processors are unable to absorb huge data.  Note that event-driven modules and asynchronous request handling based on Node JS very rarely buffer data. It delivers output in chunks which is ideal for developing an enterprise app.

#5 Small Learning curve

Since Node JS is based on JavaScript, it is very simple to learn. Developers with knowledge of JavaScript can build customized enterprise web apps using this framework. The apps developed by Node JS can run on Windows as well as Unix systems, thereby targeting a wider audience demographic. This framework also includes a huge community of active developers and programmers who continuously add value to the existing resources and are welcomed by Java and .NET developers

Final Thoughts

Node JS is an ultra-lean and lightweight JS-based runtime application platform with over a billion downloads every week! It is one of the top frameworks that provides developers with a reliable, scalable, and well-supported development and runtime environment to develop enterprise platforms. This framework's liberty to write enterprise applications on both the browser-side and the server-side is what makes it so unique and easy to adapt to.

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