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A unique social media platform with video streaming functionality for millions of users worldwide

About CelebraTube

CelebraTube was conceived with the idea of bringing common audience closer to their Hollywood ideals. A one of a kind idea, CelebraTube is a platform for those admirers who dream of the opportunity to be able to interact with their favorite celebrities from the Hollywood film, music and sports industry.

This platform allows admirers to send videos to their favorite celebrities and request personalized videos from them. The idea is to bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans on virtual space through this exceptional medium.

Client Requirements

The client’s idea was to develop the mobile application for both iOS and Android, to enable more and more users to use the platform.

They demanded a solution that had to be able to promptly view current data UI and confirm the flow for UE data input/output request. Application had to be able to pass all flight tests and successful submission to Google Play & Apple Store for downloads.

They wanted the application to feature live streaming and notifications functionality as well that facilitated real-time information to be generated and exchanged between users.

Solutions We Provided

The client needed a live streaming functionality using Vimeo in a limited budget. After a qualitative and quantitative analysis of Vimeo and Firekast, a seamless integration of Firekast was accomplished. A notification functionality was added that ensures real-time information is sent to users regarding their product’s status.

Also, the application was developed for 3 types of users: the celebrities that feature on the application, their fans and the agent that manages all the celebrity accounts. A system was developed where a list of 10 top popular celebrities was updated based on the search queries of users.

Furthermore, the complete UI was given a graphic overhaul as per the new update for iOS 13 which was a challenging task as the product was made in terms with the versions running then.

Some of the key product features that were implemented are:

  • Search Functionality : Fans can search for their favorite celebrity from film, music and sports industry which will ultimately increase their celebrity’s position in the top 10 leaders chart

  • Login/Sign Up functionality : The fans can register with the application and get access for their own account

  • Notification functionality : The users will not only receive notifications of their purchased product’s status but celebrities will also get reminders for the pending video requests

  • Like and Rating Functionality : Functionality for fans to like and rate their celebrity’s video that will enhance their overall rating on the application

  • Chat Functionality : Chat functionality for fans and celebrities to interact with each other in real time

  • Follow/unfollow functionality : Fans can follow or unfollow their favorite celebrities that will contribute to their popularity on the application

  • Total sales functionality : A complete dashboard for the agents to manage and handle the total sales on the application

  • Multitenancy : Three users have access to the application: celebrities who can live stream their events and personalized video; fans who can pay and request for videos; and agents who manage the celebrity accounts

  • Android Studio

  • Java

  • iOS SDK

  • Objective-C

Product Features

Video Request Functionality

Users can request personalized videos from their favorite celebrity

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming functionality for celebrities where they can stream live videos of their events and more for fans to watch

Stripe Payment Integration

Payment functionality integrated for users through the latest plugin of payment processing platform Stripe to ensure complete security

Video sharing functionality

Fans can share videos for their favorite celebrity that will ultimately not only increase their celebrity’s position on the top 10 leaders chart but also get them selected for a response from the celebrities

“Biz4Group showcased great execution and communication on a project involving many stakeholders. I’d work with them again and would highly recommend them to get the job done.”


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