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A full-fledged auto-maintenance IoT solution developed for thousands of users

About HomeOn

HomeOn is the face of modern culture for travel freaks who desire to spend their vacation in rented homes instead of hotels. For those hosting such travelers, home maintenance proves to be a challenging task. HomeOn is the perfect solution for those that eases the task of home automation.

Client Requirements

The client required a unique IoT solution that made managing properties and handling their maintenance tasks easier. The idea was to build an application that provided users information of their properties on one dashboard.

The system had to be built in such a manner that whenever a property was booked the customers could view the property’s status, while IoT sensors would inform the host of the property condition and assign a service crew to the maintenance task as required.

The application also needed to have a user-friendly interface that made it easy to manage all the tasks and navigate it conveniently.

Solutions We Provided

The most appropriate technical architecture for the planned application was a SaaS based platform where users could subscribe to the services they required. AngularJS being one of the most popular front-end technologies was chosen as the JS framework to develop the front-end. This helped in developing a scalable application which is easy to operate.

The major challenge in the project was to build an interface where users could add all their rented properties and manage it on the same dashboard. Thus, a dashboard was prepared that incorporated all the properties of a user. It enables them to see the activities all at one place and assign the tasks to concerned service crew as needed.

Another challenge was to keep real time data and updates that are in sync with all the types of roles that the application offered. To make this possible, the backend APIs and database were hosted on a reliable third-party hosting service, which enabled the data to be in sync at all times.

Some major features were implemented where status of tasks assigned to the service crew can be monitored in real-time. Portal for service crew workers was developed to view their assigned tasks and respond to them as well as update their status. Furthermore, a functionality was implemented for notifications and reminders to be sent to different user roles for approaching events and deadlines.

Key Results

After thorough research and a rigorous development process, a huge SaaS based application was developed which is being used by thousands of users. The users can easily see their rented properties’ status, keep a check on the property, schedule maintenance services and manage them conveniently as the application provides them regular insights.

  • AngularJS

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Bootstrap

  • jQuery

Website url :

Product Features

Gigantic Platform :

Huge SaaS based application that is accessible to thousands of users

All-in-One :

One application that helps hosts manage all their rented properties simultaneously

IoT Integration:

Integrated with IoT to continuously monitor the properties through cameras and sensors that collect the information in real time and inform the user on maintenance that is required

Assign Service Crew:

Quickly assign concerned service crew to clean the property, repair malfunctioning components and prepare the house for guests

Single Dashboard :

View and manage all bookings by customers on single dashboard and view status of booked properties


Multiple number of users can access the application and manage their own dashboard

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