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Incorporation of functionalities and remodeling of business application for a better user experience

About EchoMaster

Echomaster is the brainchild of AAMP Global which is an established name in the automotive aftermarket. With a great footprint across the US automotive manufacturing industry, AAMP Global has earned a reputation for their exceptional quality high performance products.

Echomaster was born with the idea of safeguarding rides for people with safety equipment that ensure maximum protection in automobile. With a wide range of safety instruments, Echomaster is a fast-growing brand that is offering revolutionary automotive safety solutions to users around the globe.

Client Requirements

AAMP Global required an application that enabled users to browse through their products while also offering them the facility to create catalogs themselves. The idea was to provide a key functionality that allowed users to categorize the products as per their needs and download the same in a PDF format.

This would facilitate searching for products while also categorizing them simultaneously. The detailed descriptions about the products could be downloaded easily with a single key function.

Solutions We Provided

Biz4Group prepared the application with a user-friendly interface that made product search convenient as per the vehicle model. The key functionality of converting and downloading the document dynamically was integrated using technologies of Kotlin, Swift and core PHP.

Our developers ensured that the application was thoroughly tested and fixed for any issues to ensure optimum performance.

  • Kotlin

  • Swift

  • core PHP

Product Features

Product Categorization

The user can create categories as per the vehicle model and the safety equipment he needs to install.

Document Conversion

The categorized document with detailed descriptions of the product can be converted into PDF format for downloads.

Mobile Accessible

The application runs on both mobile operating systems, iOS and Android making it easy to access on any device.

AWS Hosting

Quick hosting and secure cloud storage for the web application on Amazon Web Services.

Customized Catalog Management

Catalogs can be arranged for download as per the users’ custom requirements.

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