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A robust e-Commerce platform that can be customized to users' needs

About Project

This project involved development of a huge e-Commerce website that connects local vendors to an online platform where they can sell their products and add their customers to the website's user base.

Client Requirements

The project required development of a platform that would allow the clients to offer their customers numerous quality-vetted product choices while eliminating operational risks associated with fulfillment, especially holding inventory.

Solutions We Provided

We developed a platform where the users would use a software solution that integrates with the website and software systems. The platform would also provide users with 24/7 access to their sales metrics, so the revenue generated can be monitored regularly and improved in the long term. The product is being developed incessantly with top notch technologies: PHP-CI, HTML, JS, CSS

The product is prepared with myriad features and functions:

  • Analytics : Reporting tools to monitor the website’s performance for better management of resources and digital marketing strategies

  • Multiple Payment Options : Various payment options integrated to ease the purchasing process for all kinds of customers

  • Search Engine Optimization : Search engine optimized to increase the website traffic while enhancing the site’s visibility to users

  • Order Management : Managing multiple orders at a time while keeping a track on their progress

  • Integrated Blog and Articles Section : Blog section to publish informative and in trend articles on the product

  • Email Marketing Integration : Email marketing for subscribers which is a great way to inform your customers of your product and boost sales

  • Responsive : Mobile friendly to facilitate operations on all kinds of mobile devices also

  • Customer Feedback and Rating : A review and rating system to get honest customer feedbacks to ultimately improve website’s performance

  • Push Notifications : Instant notifications to inform customer of order status and deals offered

  • Customer Support : A comprehensive customer support channel to make sure that customer queries are efficiently dealt with.

  • PHP-CI

  • HTML

  • JS

  • CSS

Product Features


The website accommodates multiple end point users that include third party sellers, vendors and customers

AWS Hosting

Fast and secure hosting for the web application on Amazon Web Services


The application can be easily customized to the needs of client


An easy and convenient Content Management System (CMS) to update the website content


Customer Relationship Management support system to manage customers and address their requirements

Data Security

The platform has been built with GDPR compliance to prevent data breaches which are almost an inevitable part of a digital business

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