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Intellia IoT – Leveraging End To End IoT Solutions

About project

Internet of Things or IoT is is the new bandwagon for interconnectivity of devices. Biz4Group is leading this upcoming trend of interconnected devices with its star product - Biz4Intellia.

Intellia IoT delivers end-to-end business solutions to empower the various verticals of the industry across the globe. The two verticals of Intellia IoT are IoT Platform Suite & Business Services.

IoT endpoints, IoT edge gateways, and multiple IoT platform hubs come under the umbrella term of IoT platform suite which is built on state-of-the-art technologies.

Device Management, Network Management, Advanced data Ingestion & Analysis; highly configurable mobile app services come under the category of Business Services.

Solutions as per the Needs of our Clients

The product offers a wide variety of development services to serve all the niches of the industry. It takes into account the parameters required to build a product that fits into all the nooks and corners of the rapidly evolving business needs of clients.

Top-Notch Solutions delivered by Intellia IoT

Energy monitoring Solution:

The real-time energy generation and consumption monitoring solution offers energy measurement at your manufacturing plant and has a detailed insight about it.

Level Monitoring Solution:

With this, you can remotely monitor the liquid level inside the tank/reservoir in real-time.

GPS Fleet Tracking Solution:

It allows fleet managers to optimize fuel consumption and reduce delivery time by providing real-time insights into fleet operations.

Fleet Monitoring Solution:

With the fleet monitoring solution, your trucks are equipped with weight measurement and location tracking sensors.

Smart Contract Solution:

It tracks the real-time status of the cargo and compiles it with the conditions mentioned in the smart contract.

Smart Water Meter Solution:

It delivers advanced monitoring of pressure and leakages as well as intelligent data analytics.

Smart Farming solution:

It will help provide insights and stats for crops and livestock.

Oil/Fuel theft Solution:

It detects even the slightest change in oil level and signals the authorities about it, giving them enough time to catch thieves and secure oil.

Machine Monitoring Solution:

It collects essential data about the performance and condition of machines and processes them locally to further develop useful insights.

  • Angular 8

  • Node.js

  • AWS

Product Features

Customizability :

The product can be modified taking into consideration the individual preferences and specifications of the client.

Analytical tools:

The efficiency of the product is the desired outcome of a thorough analysis of the data.

AWS Cloud:

Leveraging the fast, secure, and reliable web hosting and API service on Amazon Web Services for various applications.

Mobile Application and Web Portal:

It simplifies and accelerates the complex business processes both in B2B & B2C environments.


The website can serve users at multiple endpoints that include third party sellers, vendors, and customers.

Direct delivery of Product:

It follows a system or service to address your business needs from initiation to the end product without the involvement of a third party user.

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