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An online community of content creators for sharing their pieces of art.

About Chainlink

Chainlink was born with the idea of creating a website where new or established artists can share their pieces of work while building a digital portfolio. The idea was to provide a platform to art enthusiasts in order to build an online community of content creators from various industries like visual arts, film & animation, graphic design, music and more.

The website provides them with the opportunity to share their work, connect with each other and review one another’s work along with building a space where individuals from various fields come together.

Client Requirements

The client’s inclination was towards the development of a unique platform for sharing art and various forms of media while also providing various functionalities to users at the same time. The ultimate goal of Chainlink Productions was to establish a strong foothold in the Online Content Industry which will provide content creators with a platform to share their work and monetize it.

Solutions We Provided

We curated an online community of content creators from various industries to share their pieces of work while building a digital portfolio. One of our best assets was our dedicated team of expert developers who all had extensive experience in this domain. To keep documentation and the entire project more organized and structured, we agreed to maintain project communication on weekly basis and also received client’s feedback to make the application an exact copy of how it was initially ideated by our client.

  • WordPress CMS

  • MySQL

Product Features

Favorites Functionality

Appreciation of both users and visitors can be shown by adding the corresponding project to their “favorites” list.

Search Functionality

Search operation for user-profiles and projects can be held through this functionality.

Category Sorting

Filtration of categories can be done based on the various type of media like audio, video, image, document, projects and so on.

Comment Functionality

A chatroom is maintained for multiple visitors to post their comments and have discussions.


Updation can be done by visitors. Functionalities like editing and hiding of the artist’s portfolio are added once access is given by the admin.


Filtration on the basis of most views received or the most followed count.


Facility of account creation and registration on the website for both users and visitors.

Project Uploading

Users can include their projects on the website by uploading them in order to build and manage their virtual portfolio.

Chat Functionality

One to one communication possible between users and visitors for a great interaction at much ease.

Number of Views

Successful track of the number of views received on a user’s artwork and projects can be maintained.

Following Functionality

Visitors and users can follow each other’s accounts which will help in building their audience base.

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