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A client facing legal automation platform developed for thousand of attorneys.

About Trial Proofer

Trial Proofer application is client-facing legal automation that gives rise to the concept of a virtual law firm known for delivering services to clients at a distance using technological means of communication. It is shaped in the same way as a traditional law firm and comes with an opportunity of tracking of important deadlines. This streamlines the processes like management of cases, Shreds of evidence and witnesses, works smarter and gains a competitive edge in the market. It is capable of successfully showcasing the specification of inputs and execution conditions.

This platform is simply powerful, innovative and secure solution for the distribution of online Legal Services.

Client Requirements

The Application is intended as a software tool to aid legal practitioners in preparing a trial. It is designed to coordinate more systematic trial preparation and the more efficient organization of the data in the brief and the relationship of this data to specific Witnesses and the Core Elements of the case, in a manner which helpfully illustrates these relationships. The specifications required numerous tasks to be fulfilled in such a way that it has proper organization of information, retrieval and searchability functions.

Solutions We Provided

Biz4Group developed the application with a user-friendly interface that made case search convenient for end users. We helped them accomplish a key functionality that allowed end-users to successfully categorize and pick cases as per their expertise and henceforth we provided an application which is thoroughly tested and fixed for all issues ensuring optimum performance.

  • Angular8

  • Python

  • ORM

Product Features

Case Map

Case Map should permit a further Categories to supplement for Elements. Its equivalent to a “mind-map” displaying information required to run the case.

Index to Authorities

Provides details on selected topics to identify.

Individual Witness Proofs

List of Witness(s) of the case with fields for the Elements to address the Evidence.

Cross-Examination Check List

Add Witness and Evidence for cross examination with multiple fields.

Global/Master List of Proofs

Create and edit list of global witness(s) with elements.

Chronology Display

Lists events happened as they relate to time.

Login Registration

Login and registration module for user.

Facility of New case addition

Addition of new case with fields Case name, Parties, Client Party, Cause of Action(s) and Witness(s).

Legal Test Tab

Adds Multiple tests for the case with fields.

Witness Test Tab

List of Witness(s) of the case.

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