We’re a US-based software engineering company that aims to help businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies including AI and IoT.

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Beyond Tech: Crafting AI Solutions Tailored to Your Business Context.

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Who We are

Leading with AI and IoT innovations to revolutionize enterprise technology solutions.

At Biz4Group, we specialize in driving digital transformation through cutting-edge AI and IoT solutions. Based in Orlando since 2003, our team of over 200 experts delivers tailored, high-impact technology strategies that empower enterprises across various industries.

With a robust portfolio of over 700 projects, we are committed to improving business operations, enabling data-driven decision-making, and unlocking new growth avenues. Our proven track record, marked by a 70% client retention rate and partnerships with Fortune 100 companies, positions us as a trusted leader in the realm of sophisticated, scalable, and innovative technology solutions.

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Success Story – AI & IoT

We've recently built an AI and IoT-powered automated heat tape monitoring system for one of our client. This innovative solution, leveraging AI-enabled smart cameras and IoT automation, intelligently controls heat tapes, significantly cutting costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Our expertise in AI and computer vision enabled the system to accurately detect snow conditions, while IoT integration facilitated seamless, automated operations.

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Helped enterprises adopt the best-in-class technologies and startups raise millions of dollars in funding.

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Meet our Technical Experts and Leaders

With an average of 20+ years of experience, our diligent leaders are well-versed in current market requirements and cutting-edge technologies.

  • Brian W. Mead

    Chief Sales Officer
  • Dave Caplis

    Technical Director
  • Sean Hynes

    Technology Director
  • Michael Kipp

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Sanjeev Verma

    Founder & CEO
  • Apoorva Verma

    Chief People Officer

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