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Nvzn Augmented Reality

An innovative web application that lets users generate their 3D models and view them in Augmented Reality (AR) using their smartphones.


Nvzn Augmented Reality is a web-based platform that allows you to experience Augmented Reality without the need of a specific app. It is backed by Google’s web component called that makes it possible to render a 3D model on any web page. The platform is designed and developed with an intent to cater the eCommerce sector as well as personal users.

In the eCommerce category, the platform can help customers view their selected products in 3D for an improved shopping experience. It can further be extended to a number of other applications as it promises to deliver unlimited opportunities from both developer’s and consumer’s perspective.

Project Features

  • View and publish 3D models

  • View in Augmented Reality on smartphones

  • Integrate experiences in your website

  • Share experiences with others

Technology Stack

  • React with Typescript

  • Node.js

  • GCP (hosting)

  • FireStore

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