Biz4group Process

A disciplined project management and engineering practice that is intended to rapidly deliver high-quality software.

Agile Methodology

We realize that great a software product is neither built by chance nor it is a feat of one-man show but takes deliberate team-effort, with all stakeholders pouring in their expertise and showcasing their commitment. And it is for that reason, for every product we build, we take the Agile route.

Agile Methodology
The Process

The clients come to us with an idea or a business problem, which when intensively analyzed, we come up with a broad set of viable solutions- each tailored to meet their aspirations. When any specific solution is finalized by the client, we bring in all the domain-experts on the table and engage to come up with the most feasible technology stack, detailed road-map, and documentation with utmost precision.

The development procedure too departures from the traditional process and we concurrently involve all the stakeholders including designers, coders, testers, and most importantly, clients to make the procedure transparent and productive.

How You Benefit from Agile methodology

The market today is extremely volatile due to ever shifting user demand and new disruptive technologies. And when we deploy Agile development, clients are constantly kept in the loop.

This does not keep the development in line with their aspirations, but it also remains sensitive to changing market dynamics and accommodates any new requirements promptly. To put it simply, with Agile development, there is no such thing as missed opportunity.


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